Liberal bigots? Not so surprising when you realize that in today’s political “zeitgeist,” liberal is the tag for “people of the left.” It wasn’t always so. In the past, the term meant “believer in liberty” and other principles of the right. Conservatives have made this possible by allowing the left to appropriate the descriptor “liberal.” The radio host at the center of the controversy furthers the confusion when he so-labels those he disagrees with on his program. If he were as smart as he thinks he is, he would explain; ‘As conservatives, our ideological ‘opposite numbers’ should be called ‘leftists’ or ‘so-called liberals.’ We on the right are the true liberals as we believe in liberty, Federalism, the Constitution of the United States, decentralized political power and the free market system of production and distribution.” Every time he and other high-profile “conservative/liberals” fail to cite the left’s confiscation of the term, he continues the confusion and likely helps the movement lose the sympathy and support of countless numbers of potential other “conservative’ liberals. 

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Stephen I. Mayo is an attorney, owner of Mayo Linoleum Works LLC, host of The Steve Mayo Show WVOX radio 1460 AM, Mondays from 6 to 7 PM and legal counsel to the Westchester County Tea Party. He is not embarrassed to be known as a Republican.