Both Dodge Capitalist Realities – but Medicaid Handle Recognizes Its Own Welfare Essentiality


Yes, it has always “been about” the millions with no healthcare coverage. And now, thanks to the economic primitivists running the once capitalism-friendly Democratic Party, there will be tens of millions without healthcare coverage.


Haven’t the social engineers learned the lessons of American capitalism yet?


Capitalism is like a dray horse. Put it to hard work. Feed it. Water it. Even regulate it. Even tax it. But let it do its work. Don’t regulate it to death with unbounded mandates. Don’t create an artificial filter of government “exchanges” to improve its “efficacy” or “efficiency.”

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Stephen I. Mayo is an attorney, owner of Mayo Linoleum Works LLC, host of The Steve Mayo Show on WVOX radio 1460 AM, Mondays from 6 to 7 PM and legal counsel to the Westchester County Tea Party. He is not embarrassed to be known as a Republican.