Hey you know what? Earth to voters of Upstate New York: continue to have your destiny controlled by the environmental lobby, Democrat party machinations and Cuomo’s presidential itinerary and you will continue to languish behind the Metropolitan NYC area, the entire State of Texas and nearly all the rest of the country in economic development and job creation. If the voters (most of whom are victims of the continuing Obamadan recession as underemployed, if not unemployed!) don’t have enough sense to throw over the entire mechanism of regional industrial contraction and strategic defeat, then they deserve the sorry and stale economic pie that they presently “enjoy.” Smart people with mouths to feed and offspring who need real jobs will continue to vote with their feet and depopulate the Southern Tier and Central and Western New York as they have been doing for now fifty or so years. They will choose other communities in the American South, Midwest and Southwest where a healthy balance is being found between positive economic growth and smart, responsible stewardship of the environment. A region cannot depend on bankruptcy-tottering vineyards and fusty beds and breakfasts for its sustenance alone! Face reality.

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Stephen I. Mayo is an attorney, owner of Mayo Linoleum Works LLC, host of The Steve Mayo Show on WVOX radio 1460 AM, Mondays from 6 to 7 PM and legal counsel to the Westchester County Tea Party. He is not embarrassed to be known as a Republican.